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Ultimate relaxation


​​80 min - $169
60 min - Aromatherapy massage ,Gentle to Medium pressure, famously known as a “ Relaxing Massage” or “ Lazy-man’s Massage”. Stimulates circulation and promotes peace of mind through ultimate relaxation of the mind and body. Patients may fall into deeply relaxed state similar to sleep or daydreaming.

15 min - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage combined with Hawaiian Salt, rich in minerals scrub, is mixed with aromatic oils to create a gentle paste massaged into the entire hand and feets to exfoliate dead skin and create a blissful feeling.   It is a relaxing treatment that makes you feel like you're walking on air. 


5 min - Hot towel massage, hydro thermal therapy, can help tight muscles to relax, soothes irritated nerve endings and the use of moist heat is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation to help to relax muscles and increase circulation in areas made tender by that condition.

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Best of Theraputic Healing Combination 
120 mins.   $320


This package of massage treatment is compile the most effective therapeutic such as Thai Massage Combination, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage , Swedish Massage , Cupping a vacuum massage, mimicking the rolling action of deep tissue massage without the discomfort , Hot stone, Aromatherapy, Reflexology  and other modalities that creates a sense of balance and whole body healing. Get your mind, body and spirit into a state of wholeness.  

Deep Tissue Invigorator
​​80 min - $179

Lahaina Day Spa & Wellness Center has designed a specific massage for post-flight to re-oxygize the body. During this massage session, We put emphasis on relieving bloating, fatigue and muscle ache.

Combined with Hawaiin scrub on hands and feets and enjoy Hot towel massage to help tight muscles to relax, soothes irritated nerve endings. Designed for complete relaxation.  After the jet lag massage you will feel renewed and energized. 


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Custom Creation Package
​​80 min - $199

Your Choice of any of all the treatments with Hydro-thermal Therapy.  to help tight muscles to relax, soothes irritated nerve endings. Designed for complete relaxation. YOUR TURN to give back to your self.


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